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7 hours ago, neilestrick said:

Porcelain is high silica, not alumina. They get very close to their melting point during firing, so they soften up a lot and will stick to the kiln shelf. I would not put sand under my porcelain, as it may leave a texture on the foot as the clay softens.

Interesting...i checked....there are high alumina porcelain bodies but they are used for refractory  porcelain....think spark plugs, crucibles, things that need ti resist strong alkalis, acids, and molten metals. 

Every time I think I have a good bead on things, there's something else to learn.  I love it!

Pres, thanks for whooshing this to a better place.  

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Yep, porcelain is many things to many people, that is for sure, as we have often discussed in these forums.   For your amusement, search for a thread called “Stoneware Limit Study” to see a wide-ranging discussion.

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