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Found 2 results

  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this. If it is, then admins can whoosh wherever is best. I have been using a dark clay body, which I love, but have a bit of fatigue in working with the dark color....I need to work with lighter colors a bit, even if I work in two different clays. I have done some small stuff with Coleman's porcelain and it was okay. I have tried Dave's and fought with it the whole time. I would like to find a nice porcelain that works for me. I am looking for some reviews of porcelain or thoughts on various clay body. I do some mild altering of thrown forms, and deep sgraffito. I also like to do taller forms, but realize that may be more challenging with porcelain. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello there, I'm very new into Pottery and don't know much about glazes yet, well, don't know much about a lot to do with Pottery, to be honest. I've mainly worked with clay during art school for anatomical sculpture and recently acquired a kiln from a cousin. I have never fired a kiln before, but feel comfortable with the greenware (I thiiink that's unfired clay, right?) I'm not even sure of the model yet. I have 2 questions (to start with) for you: *Can you recommend a good book or resource (video, websites, etc) to help me, an absolute and complete beginner, learn how to safely work a kiln and find more info on glaze and glazing techniques? I am most drawn to Japanese Pottery styles, if that helps filter at all. *how long will it take to get good enough to make pottery like the attached images? I'm a very fast learner and am able to dedicate a large majority of time to this. I appreciate any and all assistance, and thank you for accepting me into the community! Cheers! Vesa
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