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Hi all,

I think I have discovered an issue with my kiln. I am bisque firing tonight and I noticed when all switches are turned to low, the top light stay on. It does not blink on and off indicating the intermittent flow of electricity to the elements. So I turned the top element off because the temp began to rise way too quickly. Firstly, can I fire the kiln with just the bottom three elements?Second I will definitely need to hire a kiln repair gut to fix this right?






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Sounds like you need a new switch. Based on your description of what normally happens, I'm assuming those are timer switches. It sounds like it's not cycling the way it should. As for firing it without the top switch, maybe, maybe not. At best it'll get hot enough where the sitter is, and run cold at the top. At worst it won't reach temp at all. What you could do is what until the other switches are on high, where they aren't cycling any more, and then turn on the top switch.

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Thank you for responding. Last night at 11pm I turned everything off. It was only 500º so no harm done. I'll call the kiln guy today and see when he can come. The good news is the Crispy cone mystery is solved! :) 

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