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Hi everyone

I am the tech at a small studio and introduced a Zakin clear (cone6) to them as a new clear glaze. They had been using Ron Meyers recipe and wanted something they could dip. It seem to be working just fine until a studio member put it over a slip colored with Raven Black mason stain. It changed from black to a rusty chocolate brown. Has anyone else run into this issue? 


Any advice or ideas would be great. Thanks! 

Slip recipe:

Raven Black mason stain


sodium sicate 

soda ash


Zakin clear:

Silica 18

kona F4  40

wollastonite  10

 Gerstley borate   16

OM4    12

Zinc    4



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Zinc is not your friend. First off, Raven Black is not a Mason stain, but rather is a Drakenfeld stain by Cerdec. However, the problem is the same. The oxides used to create the black are chrome and iron. Chrome and zinc = brown, not black. I can't find a document from Drakenfeld/Cerdec about the necessity to use a zinc-free glaze, but you might check the reference chart at http://www.masoncolor.com/reference-guide for comparable information.

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