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Propper shelf size?

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So I made a treck to Baileys Pottery Supply in Kingston, NY today and unexpectedly picked up 4 kiln shelves. I say unexpectedly, because if I had expected to get replacement shelves I would have surely measured my old shelves. But as it turned out they had some "Seconds" 65% off. So not only were they seconds, but on top of that they were 65% off! How could I pass that up. I felt pretty confident since I have handled my shelves so much that I cold guess the size if I held it. So I thought the 18" x 18" shelves were perfect and I got 4 at like 20 bucks each. I get them home and they are a full two inches wider than the old shelves. The old shelves left 2 inches all around between the edge of the shelves and the kiln wall. These shelves leave only 1" between the edge and the kiln wall. Is 1" sufficient for air flow? I sure hope so because it was a long ride!





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I'm going to assume this is an electric kiln????? Not a gas kiln.

If the kiln is an electric then yes 1 inch is great-no problem.2 Inches seems excessive to me on your old ones space wise

If this is a gas kiln let us know and I can explain how to make them smaller.

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The heat distribution may change a little, but not enough to matter. As long as you have enough room for your fingers when you load or unload the shelves, they should be satisfactory.



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