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Finally Got Some Clay And Glaze To Match

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finally getting some clay and glaze to work together Good.  I am showing some porcelain tests.  the one with the spackle on it is made from Grollig 60% and 40% of the anoka sand and 7% flint and 3% bentonite it vitrifies good , and the glaze looks good on it > the Glaze is an Ash glaze using ash taken from a 200 year old white oak. washed , and combined with 65% anoka sand fines it really gives a nice gem like glaze. The brown spakle on it i did with a toothbrush. which is from a basaltic stone i got from a gravel pit . The other test cup is made using 50% T-6 kaolin and 55 anoka sand thats it and the glaze over is making a nice soft blue using 56 anoka sand 20% grollig and 13.5 G 200 and 22 calcium carbonate.  One thing i have found is the iron in the porcelain helps the celadon look better . no wonder the sung bodies have 1 % to 2% iron in them  also i have had no bloating or pinholes now since i started bisq firing to cone 06 in full oxidation, . I don't know how i forgot that  i should have known better  but i have been out of potting now for 10 years still learning  I really like the 65 / 35 ash glaze combo  very close to what John had mentioned  33/33/33 stone,clay, ash








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