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Mentor Found | Potter Needs You - Low Firing, Printing, Business-Ing, Marketing, Photo-Ing

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Please consider mentoring Mentee #810, The "-ing" Potter. She is throwing, hand building, altering, pressing, extruding, molding, texturing, sgraffito-ing, image transferring, glazing, electric firing, raku firing. She needs help with her art "-ing's" plus Business 101-ing, photo-ing her work, marketing. She has a fine arts degree in printing. She has taken ceramics. She has set up a studio, thinking about the tax id number, and looking for direction.


If you are proficient in active verbs (see below if it has been a while since English grammar class)


Present Participle To show action occurring at the same time as that of the verb



and you are an active potter with skills to share, we can use your help!



Please review our program here: Potters Council Mentoring Program


Please submit an application for Mentee #810, The "-ing" Potter here: Mentor Application


Thank you! And Thanking you!



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