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    Pricing my work?

    I spent many years pricing my work too low. One day I decided that my time was worth a minimum of $20/hr, and I priced my work based on that. Now, I am getting into some really unique work, which in addition to taking longer to make, also has the underlay of everything I have learned in my 25 years of interaction with clay. I ask a lot for these pieces and by golly people are buying them. So don’t be afraid to price your work based on your financial requirements, there is a niche market for you. Potters who compete on price are not always factoring in anything beyond the amount of time they took to make a piece...and in so doing, they deny themselves the financial reward they are due. Cheers, Mosey
  2. Mosey Potter

    Paul Soldner Workshop

    Greetings! I recently stumbled upon a folder of photographs I took some 15 years ago at a wonderful Paul Soldner workshop, held in southern Oregon. I was delighted with this discovery and posted them on my blog for all to enjoy. https://www.mugrevolution.com/blogs/blog Best wishes to all and happy holidays! Cheers, Mosey

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