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  1. Asmaa Aman-Tran

    Milk Bath?

    I’m probably a bit behind, but I was looking into this technique recently and decided to give it a try today on my low fire white clay body and dark clay body , bisqued then brushed with whole milk. And put it in the kiln at 550 F for 55 min after temp is reached.The result is just beautiful and I can’t wait to start using it on my work. As for water tight properties, I tested a drop of water and surprisingly the water did not get absorbed !!
  2. Asmaa Aman-Tran

    Porcelain and Ceramic Jewelry

    Hello , I’m new to this forum and I’m not sure if I would get a reply since this was posted years ago. But thought i’d try anyway. I’m trying to glaze some bracelets all over , and I hope I’m ready this right. So you use alumina hydrate under the glazed rim of the bracelet to prevent it from sticking? Thank you Asmaa
  3. Asmaa Aman-Tran

    Calcined alumina

    Hello, I’m new here and quite a beginner in pottery, and have experimented with different techniques. I only do hand building for now and love it so far. I’m working on a series of rings and bracelets and would like to be ables to glaze them all over . And use some luster. I have heard about using calcined alumina in a diy clay rest for rings , but I’m not sure here to start or how much to use. Does anyone has any knowledge about this? also, I work with earthenware, and was wondering at which temperature a cone 05 glaze starts melting. During luster firing, do glazed pots have to be stilted to prevent them from sticking to kiln shelf? thank you ! Asmaa

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