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  1. Ahhh and that’s one porcelain I’m excited about! Guess I’ll have to experiment and see . Thank you Liam!!
  2. I did read about the alumina with wax resist which sounds like an amazing idea, but yet another step I will look into standard clay , Thank you !!
  3. Thank you so much for your insight. I ended up ordering a 120v skutt 9”x11” chamber to add to my Paragon home artist. At the moment I can’t have a bigger kiln , no space I guess I also just want to make the jump into the porcelain and stoneware world !
  4. Hello, I have been working with earthenware since I started my ceramic journey and usually make non functional ware that is unglazed or finished with terra sigilatta and have been stacking my pieces to maximize kiln space. I'm ready to make a switch to stoneware and porcelain and planning to make unglazed beads , components and small 3 dimensional wall hangings made out of coils ( like chains) I have come across a few topics where there has been mention of certain stoneware and porcelain can fuse to the other items when stacked. My question is do any of you have any recommendations abou
  5. I don’t know why I thought it could be programmed the same way as the larger one. It sounded too good to be true ... thank you for the heads up!!
  6. Haha, espresso kiln sounds like a dream I guess lol
  7. I want to use it as a test kiln, or for beads. It does fire up to 2000 F , I would love to know how fast it claims to fire .
  8. Hello !! I’m planning on getting the Paragon express 6 and was wondering if anyone has tried it before?
  9. It is safe for surfaces that intended for glaze, after bisque firing of course or underglaze but not for sig . It creates a barrier and prevents the sig from adhering to the clay properly.
  10. No good, I had this issue with corn starch That used on some slabs for texture. I applied terra sigilatta to the forms and it chipped of after firing and was blaming the sig. It took me a while to figure out it was actually the cornstarch that made it chip off lol
  11. Yes , it is actually the Standard 420 that I’m using, but I didn’t have this issue with a previous batch ...
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