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  1. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    Hi. Im having a little trouble with this homemade underglaze. The original recipe is this - Ferro Frit 3124 33.3% EPK Kaolin 33.4% Stain 33.3% I tried substituting at home with Gerstley Borate and Kaolin except if its just a hair too thick it bloats. Everywhere. Imagine the texture of a bumpy log. Fired to ^6 I suspect it's due to my dark stain which makes glazes bubble but any info about bloating would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Christmas Ornaments

    Hey everyone. Christmas production is sizzling hot for all of us right now. Wanted to make a few ornaments to stuff my kiln for these fall shows. Any good ideas for sellers that you can make with cookie cutters? Thanks in advance!
  3. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    Thanks. Aren't they nice? I would be using commercial but I was looking for specific colors and the age old tale of the shipping prices. But honestly it probably would be easier in the long run.
  4. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    Thanks. Its definitely the underglaze. I've never had issues with the clay body. This recipe looks fine when its very thin, too sheer as if you can almost see the clay body through it. If you put another coat on it bloats... no matter. Even if its applied over the glaze, under the glaze, and just applied on its own.
  5. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    Thank you. I really want to try that now. So just %50 glaze and %50 stain ( or the other ratios) ?
  6. I think speaking up when people go by is pretty important. People tend to get snippy when you say good morning again but louder and prominent. Just say it nicely the first time, confidently explain this is pottery and try not to stare them down while they're making a decision. Also. If you think your tent will stay down with just 2 weights, share with a neighbor the other two. Just this weekend I had a tent from the booth beside me become airborne, flipped, and crashed into mine. Rocked my whole booth. Luckily it didn't break anything but it could save your own booth in the long run!
  7. Christmas Ornaments

    I just want to ask you another thing Chris, if you don't mind? I like hearing about the "olden days" what kind of things were people going after in handmade ornaments back then?
  8. Christmas Ornaments

    Isn't that the way things go. I think I read somewhere that's what happened to the Lucie Rie pottery buttons. Extremely in demand and growing but slowly died as war regulations were lifted and outside goods could be imported to England.
  9. Christmas Ornaments

    Holy cow. How much clay does it take to touch 4,000 ornaments?
  10. Managing your time

    Well for my 2 cents. I would love to see an article about managing time in a production studio. As for sales, its very personality driven. Being that funny/quirky/edgy artist that people will check up on daily just to see what you been up to is what the large ceramic community on Instagram is buoyed by.
  11. Good Slip

    Hello everyone. I'm currently looking for some ideas for a vitrified slip for about cone 6. I only want to use it on the outsides of pots like mugs. So I need something that is smooth and pleasing to the touch like a matte, I could go around for a matte glaze but was something more streamline like slip and didn't want to worry about a matte not holding up in the long run. Maybe something that fluxed like adding a little gerstley borate or Neph Sy to a colored slip. Thanks
  12. Good Slip

    Thanks. I dont mind digging for a gem! I think I'm looking for an engobe now actually. Looking for something dark, I was using a mixture of Manganese and Kaolin at 2:1 but am moving away from using Manganese at all!
  13. Hump and Slump Molds

    Hey everyone. I was looking into making some molds to make slab work with. I was wondering if anyone has heard of using concrete to make the molds from? Ive used plaster in the past and have had some goods results and some not so good results. I think concrete could work as it's absorbent and durable. Love to hear some thoughts.
  14. Hump and Slump Molds

    I'll take that into thought. The issue with the plaster was I was unable to get things un-stuck even at leather hard (would then dry to bone dry and crack). Then again I was using hardware store plaster as I couldn't really budget in pottery plaster.
  15. Cream Glaze Recipe

    Hi Everyone. I'm trying to make a glaze that's white but on the warm cream side. I already have a good recipe I like that makes a solid white without any kind of oxides (tin) that is a little too sterile... I'm firing to hot ^5- cool ^6. Any options on making it creamier like adding a little Iron oxide? I'm afraid it would make it green like I've seen some Iron oxide glazes go. I have added granular rutile to this before and it was nice just not what I was looking for. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Cream Glaze Recipe

    Thanks for the responses. I used a little iron oxide while the rutile is on the way. I can live with it.
  17. Cream Glaze Recipe

    Will do. Testing testing testing
  18. Cream Glaze Recipe

    Any ideas about the kind of rutile? I was looking for some and came across Rutile Light and Rutile Dark not sure what to choose.
  19. Seeing Cones

    Sometimes I blow air into the peep hole and it clears the atmosphere for a few seconds. You have to know exactly what you're looking for though!