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  1. Spooze Question

    I'm updating this in case anyone else runs across the same problem. So I called Amaco and they suggested another coat of bisque fix and then firing to cone 04 again with a piece of paper in between the lid and bottom. I was worried about the color difference so I asked if a coat the spooze over the bisque fix might work and they said yes. So it's in the kiln now. Fingers crossed! Will update later.
  2. Spooze Question

    Thanks for the response. I did over fill with the spooze.and it did work on the really thin crack but there was one that was pretty significant. I filled it with bisque repair today will try firing it tomorrow. I'm calling Amaco in the morning just to make sure I'm doing this properly. I can't make this thing again! Never heard of alumina so I probably don't have any, Do you think kiln wash would work? It's a very tiny spot
  3. Spooze Question

    So the spooze did not work. It worked on one really slight crack but there was a bigger one that it just didn't fill all the way. I did it twice I'm going to try the Amaco bisque fix now. I'm a little worried because I have to fire to cone 6 now and the fixed crack will touch the lid - does anyone know if it will fuse it together? Is there something I can do? Maybe sprinkle some powdered fired clay on top of where it touches? I'd hate to fire it not touching and then have it not fit. Thanks in advance.
  4. Spooze Question

  5. So I have a tiny hairline crack after bisque and I was going to try the spooze recipe I found here to fix it. 1/3 parts dry clay powdered....any body...preferably the one you are using with no grog 1/3 parts heavy karo syrup 1/3 parts white distilled vinegar drop of hydrogen peroxide Should I be using dry powdered clay that has already been bisqued or does it matter? And I just bisque again after I apply it, correct? I have some of the Amaco bisque fix - and it works - but it fires so white, afraid it might not match Thanks in advance!
  6. Crack Question

    I can't remake it, not again. It's very detailed sculpted box. This is the second one, the last one cracked in the kiln, and it took a long time to make. I'm going to try the stuff Marko recommended. If that doesn't work and it cracks, I'll make a mold and try to make a couple more from that, hopefully one of them will survive.
  7. Crack Question

    Thanks, this looks like it's worth a try.
  8. Crack Question

    Well at least I can stop wasting my time to fix it, thanks.
  9. So, I need a crack expert. I have a piece of cone 6 porcelain greenware that keeps cracking when it drys. I've repaired it numerous times, dried it for weeks, wet the entire piece down, nothing is working. It's a small crack on the edge of the piece. 1 cm maybe. I can not make it again, I need to fix this crack. Help me please!
  10. Can This Crack Be Repaired?

    Well thanks. I appreciate the detailed response - bad news but good to know.
  11. So I pulled this out a bowl this morning and found a 1" crack. I did not see it after bisque - and I looked. How / why did this happen, any ideas? Can I grind it out and reglaze maybe? I don't see it on the back but when I fill it with water it slowly dampens the surrounding area. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone all very helpful tips. It never gets that cold here so I should be good. Can't get that piece out though, I have tried everything. it's wedged under the element and the element is kind of jammed in where it connects to the panel, I think I'd have to break it to remove it. The plan now is to fire it until it burns out then just rip it out and replace it. I can't think of anything else.
  13. Hi all, I have a two questions. First, I had a blow up on an undertpainted piece that I was bisquing. I cleaned out what I could but how you are supposed to clean out whatever falls into the grooves where the elements sit??? One little piece got stuck under the element. I couldn't get it out, couldn't get the element out to remove the piece either but I fired it to cone 6 anyway and it seemed to fire fine. Still, I want that piece out. Already tried vacuuming. Someone at paragon suggested I pick it up and turn it over. It's too heavy. Second question, on how cold of a day is safe to fire? I ask because i fired yesterday and this morning the kiln was at 185, it's usually hotter the next morning. I'm sure it's because it was a little chilly last last. I don't want things to cool down to fast and blow up. I have a small paragon XL with a controller if that helps. Thanks
  14. What Is This Stuff?

    Ha - that is exactly what it is. I remember having that epoxy. Thanks
  15. I have an old account but couldn't remember the email or username. Anyway, I found this stuff and the place I bought it from is closed now. Does anyone know what it is? Sorry if I'm in the wrong section.