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  1. I know, I feel the same. People are horrible to animals. There is a bit of a smile on the lamb's face, he's having fun, it's just a game
  2. I would not have sculpted a bound child.... well unless it were some type of protest piece meant to raise awareness, certainly not to be drowned in tea though....
  3. He made it! Yay! In case anyone was interested in the color after firing, this was the brown. It's a dark red brown, beautiful in person.
  4. I know! I kept telling myself, it's just a tea pet, it's not real . He will never be slaughtered, just dowsed with tea :) It's modeled after the painting "Agnus Dei" by Francisco de Zurbaran.
  5. Thanks, he's a commission, so if she's happy, i'm happy :)
  6. Cone 8 is too high. Cone 6 freaks me out, I still worry my kiln is going to explode and set the house on fire.....
  7. That is a nice little pot. I would never think to make a tea pot out of terra cotta but I almost never make functional items. So the tea seals the inside of the pot? Hmm.. I hope my lamb soaks up the tea.
  8. Ha, way too impatient for testing He's in the kiln now. Here is a picture of him almost done. I sanded down his legs, face and horns face before I put him in the kiln, gave them a smoother finish, it's pretty groggy. This is the brown clay, I'm curious to see the color after firing.
  9. This is real Yixing. I can see that being the case. From what I've read they don't need glaze to be watertight, right? This is a tea pet, not a pot so he needs to absorb the tea.
  10. Because your pour tea on tea pets. I don't know why, well I know where it originated. Originally they were used to test if the water was hot enough to make tea. When you poured water on them they absorbed it and spit it out of a small spout when the water was hot enough for tea making. This one is just going to have tea poured on it. I LOVE this clay, it's just perfect for sculpting. Anyway I'm going with cone 1, I called the store and drilled them a bit, they seem quite sure :) Here is a link to buy it if anyone else is interested: https://www.chineseclayart.com/store/material
  11. Hi! I have a tea pet that I just made out of Yixing clay and i was wondering what cone to use for firing. I called store to check and they said cone 1, but their site said (1125℃ -1175℃ Stoneware), which is cone 4, right? It needs to be absorbent. Does anyone have any experience with this clay? Thanks
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