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  1. Boring??? Sounds VERY exciting to me. I might have to look into it....
  2. Yeah, I did this time, I have it upside down on a screen to dry, fingers crossed....
  3. Ha, I really like repairing things. I think I'd be perfectly content just doing restoration work
  4. I am not accepting cracks as the norm. I have a piece that I hand built in the dove porcelain, it's drying now and it's past leather hard, if it cracks, it cracks. I'll let it dry a few weeks more then I will candle for a few days before I fire it. I'm not sure the issue with this piece was the firing. I don't think I built, or dried, it properly, I think the base stayed too wet. I did it differently on this one and I'm optimistic, we'll see.
  5. Well if the new one cracks I'll try this, hopefully I won't need to.
  6. Mine were too big but it did work on a few of the smaller ones.
  7. They never told me that, but I never asked. :) Is the CKK6 cone 6?
  8. That I am.... I've just started candling pieces, 200 degrees. I didn't have a full kiln and I don't think the piece dried evenly before either. We'll see how this time goes.
  9. I know, I feel the same. People are horrible to animals. There is a bit of a smile on the lamb's face, he's having fun, it's just a game
  10. Wow, I love that. I imagine him firing it in a fire pit. I'll have to research it and see if I can find out how he did it. I have a friend that sculpted a huge head, like 5' tall, he dug a massive fire pit to fire it. Yeah, I forgot about bricks! I think you're right, were talking apples and oranges here, well not that different....but pottery and sculpture are different.
  11. Good tips, thanks. I think my biggest problem here might be the humidity and damp location.
  12. So I just checked and the largest piece I have that was fired solid is the head on my Happy Chinese Man. He's porcelain and his head measures 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.5. I did not fire him. He was fired in a gas kiln by a woman in Brooklyn that did work for the Met, so an expert firer (is that a word?). She had like 20 kilns. Really nice woman. Anyway, I can't remember him drying that long either, a few weeks at the most. I was in a sublet and only there 4 weeks, but it was during winter and the heat was full blast so the room was very, very dry.
  13. I would not have sculpted a bound child.... well unless it were some type of protest piece meant to raise awareness, certainly not to be drowned in tea though....
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