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  1. What is your favorite clay for slab building small projects. Grog or no grog? Porcelain? Thanks! Linda
  2. JoLinDesigns

    Witness Melted On Glazed Piece

    Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Thanks! 4 tiles fired 3 times and perfect. Then this!! Not my week!!
  3. JoLinDesigns

    Over Glazes

    The stilting worked! But.... My witness cones melted on it!!! Any way to save it!
  4. Is there any way to salvage a glazed piece where a witness cone melted on it!
  5. JoLinDesigns

    Over Glazes

    Thanks Chris! Was just concerned as they are 12" x12" x1/2" tiles. Was't sure if the weight would be a factor not laying them on a flat surface.
  6. JoLinDesigns

    Over Glazes

    Thanks Nell. Makes sense. But, will I not have problems with warping if they're on stilts?
  7. JoLinDesigns

    Over Glazes

    Can anyone tell me why my tiles that were previously fired to ^5 would break during a ^05 firing? I added an overglaze and refired to a much lower temperature. So why would they break at this point? Very frustrating!! Is there a trick as to how to fire this last firing? Ie. different than a bisque firing? Peeps in...peeps out...slow fire/cool? I fired preprogrammed at standard rate. Should I change this? Thanks for your help. Linda
  8. JoLinDesigns

    Crazing Issue

    Laguna B mix cone 5 clay. Mayco Clear Brushing Glaze. Speed medium/ Preheat 5 min/ Hold 20 min/ Cool @140 They are for a bar in a restaurant so moisture would be a huge issue!! I'm not having any problems with the stroke and coat glazes. Just the triangles where I use a velvet underglaze with the clear glaze. I guess I'll remake them using a stroke and coat glaze. We just liked the color of the other. I tried using Laguna's cone 5 glazes, but I really don't like the way they go on and fire. They just seemed so much thicker even when thinning, they thicken up again quickly Just hate to see these tiles/time/money wasted!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  9. JoLinDesigns

    Crazing Issue

    Hello all!! I am having an issue with my small tiles crazing. Very fine lines are showing up after a month. I am using b mix clay to ^06 first then paint/glaze then firing to ^5. I have made over 100 triangular tiles. Can I glaze them again with clear glaze and fire to a low fire? Or are these trash!!!! Thanks!!! The crazing is actually pretty so I don't have a problem with it as far as visuals. My concern more so is the moisture issue. Linda
  10. JoLinDesigns

    How To Fire A Glazed Bullnose

    Thanks. I'll do that.
  11. JoLinDesigns

    How To Fire A Glazed Bullnose

    Here this shows the actual curve. Thank you.
  12. I am making a rather large, slightly curved bullnose. I will need to glaze one end of it. Since it is large (12 "x10") I fire resting on the shelf. But I'll need to glaze one long end of it. What is the best way to support this so not to glaze it to the kiln shelf? Thanks. Linda
  13. JoLinDesigns

    Overglaze Pens

    Thanks for y'all's imput. After looking at the cream colored lines. I decided the natural clay color was the perfect outline. So I used my slimline tube filled with clear glaze and filled in the grooves. Looks great at night which is when you'll be seeing the tiles. I may try the pens for future use. Both the overglaze and underglaze pens.
  14. JoLinDesigns

    Overglaze Pens

    Has anyone used the overglaze pens? Just wondering how they look. If they are easy to use... I am wanting to fill in small grooves where I cut into the clay to define the petroglyph I am carving into the clay. Since several colors are involved I am wanting to outline with a solid color. Thinking this pen might do the trick. Or perhaps someone has a better idea. Thank you!! I will have fired my final to a ^5. Linda
  15. JoLinDesigns


    I want to thank everyone for their help with my tile issues. I successfully fired a small load of glazed tiles. I feel like I still need to tweak the color outcome a bit But at least they didn't come out warped or broken!!! Have a lot more to do, but I do feel like I am finally moving forward in a positive direction. Thank you all so much Linda

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