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  1. Milk Bath?

    Congratulations! These look great.
  2. Milk Bath?

    Well, for what it's worth, I bisque my pots to 04. I soak them in whole milk. I then fire them to 550 - 650f, as mentioned before. I have had good luck in both my oven and my raku kiln, getting everything from a light creamy color to dark chocolate. I use beeswax to polish the outside of the pots. I have never tried yogurt. I know it's the fat in the milk that seals the pot, so it might work as long as you didn't use fat free. Might be worth a try. Well that's my two cents.
  3. Milk Bath?

    I've only use my raku kiln and, believe it or not, our oven. I have to watch the raku kiln very closely because it heats fairly fast. Our oven has a top heat of 550. It's a little below the recommended temp, but it still works. Once it reaches temperature, I watch through the window until I get the color I want. Both processes only take a few minutes. The raku is faster, but the colors vary with the air currents. The oven gives a more even color, but takes a little longer. Also, be careful handling the piece once it has Bennett's in the milk. The oils from your fingere can a actually leave prints.
  4. Milk Bath?

    I just posted a picture of a piece I did in the milk a couple weeks ago.
  5. Milk Fired

  6. Milk Bath?

    I have been experimenting with milk firing for a while. The bisque fired pots are soaked in whole milk for 10 to 15 minutes, then allowed to thoroughly dry. They are then heated to 600f to 650f and held their until the desired color is achieved. Any hotter and the milk burns off. Once cooled the pots seem to be water tight. I have had some success, but haven't achieved the evenness I see in the Russian/Ukranian pieces.
  7. Obvara

    Here are few more of my latest Obvara firing.
  8. Latest Obvara

    Here are a few pieces from last week Obvara firing. I'm very pleased and excited by the results I'm getting. Looking forward to firing more very soon.
  9. image

    Thanks! The opposite side is pretty nice also.
  10. Obvara Firing Technique

    Did my first Obvara firing Saturday. What a blast!!! Is there a need for any additional sealer or finish, like wax or acrylic? They have a great feel and look as is. Anxious to do many more. Not the best picture, but some idea of my results.