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  1. How much gum should be added to glaze to toughen its strength and make it less powdery? Also does the glaze degrade quickly because of its addition?
  2. cambriapottery

    Gum addition to toughen glaze coat.

    Thanks Neil I will pass the info to those working on a particularly powdery glaze.
  3. I was checking out a teapot I made which visually I liked but it pours with an irrating gurgle. I like spouts that come out forcefully with a nice arch and integrity to the liquid. What are some rules I could explore to achieve this.
  4. cambriapottery

    Teapots that pour beautifully

    Clever, butter tip of spout. I must try that. Though getting the spout right is my biggest aim. I think one thing I can easily rectify is making the holes larger so the liquid can exit into the spout and out. And the elusive force to make the tea come out in a nice manner the other factor.
  5. cambriapottery

    Teapots that pour beautifully

    Thanks Mark. When do you make the spout sharp, when freshly thrown or do you cut it at leatherhard?
  6. cambriapottery

    Teapots that pour beautifully

    Such useful points, thank you very much. My first teacher did as you do, one hole not the strainer type. If you did incorporate the multi hole version any idea of ratio to opening at exit of spout. I try and make many and make sure no glaze remains in them.
  7. cambriapottery

    Teapots that pour beautifully

    Very puzzling because I had many holes for the strainer. Maybe the spout is angled to high. I will give it a closer inspection tomorrow when I am back in the studio. Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. cambriapottery

    Teapots that pour beautifully

    I have to check but I usually put a hole in the lid. Any other suggestions? I actually checked its pouring quality without the lid on.
  9. cambriapottery

    Thick Texture Slip

    Does anyone know a recipe for a slip to obtain texture such as Stephen King or Matt Long use in their work? Would simply adding sodium silicate to a very thick clay body slip work well?
  10. cambriapottery

    Slip Recipes

    Thank you Neil
  11. cambriapottery

    Thick Texture Slip

    Thanks Neil will try both Marcia and your suggestions. I want to retain the slip marks and compare the two results. This is a great resource wonderful to be able to dialogue with others.
  12. cambriapottery

    Thick Texture Slip

    Thanks Maria. Does then retain brushed slip patterns in your experience?
  13. cambriapottery

    Slip Recipes

    Does anyone know a recipe for a slip to obtain texture such as Stephen King or Matt Long use in their work? Would simply adding sodium silicate to a very thick clay body slip work well?
  14. cambriapottery

    Electric Kiln Reviews

    We are about to purchase a new kiln for our studio. Looking at various kilns especially Cone Art, L&L and maybe Skutt. Are there any reviews out there to read before we make out decision?
  15. cambriapottery

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    John Britt is on facebook and also a group exploring his book called, exploring mid range glazes together using john britt's book you might find it useful to hook up.
  16. I have some issues with pinholing or blisters on some bowls I have fired. I refired them trying to follow advice from Robin Hopper who suggests holding the glaze at mature temp for up to 2 hours. However I read contradictory advice from Jeff Zamek here http://www.ceramicindustry.com/articles/diagnosing-glaze-blisters-part-2-kiln-firing-conditions. Does anybody have an idea on what should be done?
  17. Looking into buying a Critter Spray Gun and am wondering which air compressor would be able to do the job. Price and noise level are factors. Anyone have experience with this spray gun?
  18. cambriapottery

    Making Slips More Reactive

    Do you mind sharing the percentages of titanium and boron you think started to arrive at what you were shooting for
  19. Anyone got some info on ratio for changing from cadycal to gerstley borate in glaze recipe. Or can someone suggest an alternate to GB?
  20. cambriapottery

    Cadycal Replaced With Gerstley Borate Ratio?

    Thanks for all the replies. I was researching for another potter so I have forwarded this info to her. Much appreciated.
  21. Amaco underglaze velvets have been applied to a sculpture. The colours are vibrant after bisque cone 08. Now we want to apply a sheen with a clear glaze but we don't want to lose any of this initial vibrance. My test run on some items seem to have changed the colours drastically inspite of keeping the temperature low, below cone 07. Does anyone have a good recipe for low fire clear glaze over these underglazes without loss of colour?
  22. Thanks for the detail on Amaco glaze, Paul
  23. I suppose nobody has a from scratch recipe that will do the same as the ready made glaze from Amaco?
  24. Thanks for this. Is there a particular number or info regarding this glaze from Amaco?
  25. cambriapottery

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