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  1. Many thanks Ayjay, but this is the one I have been trying. I am in UK and substituted Cedar Heights Redart for Red Clay, but other than that I followed the recipe. Thanks anyway.
  2. FdA CCP Final Exhibition

    Some of the work for my Foundation degree
  3. I have been trying to develop a gold with manganese and copper, however, I end up with brown. Can anybody help with a recipe?
  4. Many thanks for your suggestion. Funnily enough after adding this post, I did try the method that you have suggested. I have not as yet, fired the piece to knkow the result. But thank you anyway for confirming my idea. Pitstop.
  5. Family of tall vases.JPG

    Family of vases. 16 cm to 20 cm tall.
  6. Raku white crackle.JPG

    First Raku pot.
  7. Raku white crackle.JPG

    First attempt at Raku.
  8. Large Jug

    Large Jug with bowl.
  9. Cafe Latte Mugs

    For that extra large mug of coffee!
  10. Blue swirl airbrush with platinum finish.JPG

    Large Bowl cobalt and turquoise air brush decoration with platinum finish. Incised rim. 30 cm dia.
  11. Hi, I need to put the letter 'N' in the base of a small bowl that is to be glazed with a dark blue (cobalt) glaze onto an earthenware base. I have tried wax resist, which turned out to be the best option, but I am worried that the unglazed 'N' will not be food safe. I use a white earthenware body and need the 'N' to be white. Any ideas??? I have also tried slip application, but this cracks on drying, also not sure if the slip will be water tight. I did mix it with glaze in the hope that this will help to seal it?