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  1. "i Covered Expenses ....."

    Sorry bciskepottery, that was one of the sites I went to and it didn't really answer my question. Still doesn't.
  2. "i Covered Expenses ....."

    How timely is this blog??? LOL, I got "accepted" into the 1st Fine Art Show in our town here in FL. They have lots of arts & crafts shows, but this is an effort to move "up" a bit. Anyway, I'm a hobbyist and strive to do some decent hand building work. So I'm doing lots of prep to be as ready as possible. Then they scared the day lights out of me... "Artists are responsible for collecting sales tax". OMG!!!! I don't have a business or a tax ID #. I've been on the Internet since I got that email to see what I have to do to become a business in the next 10 days. I DON'T WANT TO BE A BUSINESS... I'm happy just the way I am. Whaaaaa. Seriously though, I don't see me as a business, I don't expect to even "cover expenses". I just want to be a happy idiot in my little studio and not have to watch this ceramic stuff pile up or subject my family to getting another round of bowls or tiles for Christmas again. I'd like to sell it and not bring it home. I live in Florida. I'm retired. I don't want a "job", I like my hobby. Seriously folks- do I have to be a business to be in these art shows? Help!!! I'm running out of time, and the state doesn't give me a straight answer (big surprise, right?) and no one answers the phone... What do I do about this sales tax thing?? Confused in Central FL Missy
  3. Hi- any suggestions on a readily available adherent to glue glass to a glazed piece? I'm trying to put stained glass inside an incised piece that will be hanging upside down so it will really need to stick well and defy gravity. Thanks!
  4. Hi- For my samples I use 3"x2" tiles. I put a hole in the top and use shower curtain wire rings to hang them on a pipe (rod). It's functional but the rings get all tangled. It's driving me nuts. I don't have the wall room to hang a big board up to display them. Anyone out there have a good solution? Thanks!
  5. Anyone have a suggestion for storing/displaying glaze sample tiles?

    1. Benzine


      In my classroom, I just have a board mounted to the wall, with nails. My tiles have a hole, which allow me to remove the tiles.

    2. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      If you did not put a hole in them simply glue Velcro to the tile and the wall.

    3. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      An old cd rack could work. I only have three glazes so mine sit in a small pile.

  6. Cottle Boards

    I use the largest cheapest can of spray cooking oil (dollar stores). Is that a bad idea? I'm new to this, and that was a piece of advice I got. I recently made the texture boards I read about on this site, and the cooking oil seemed to work ok. Will it effect my glaze?