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  1. Tiny Pinhole Clusters

    You may consider the glaze. I have used those glazes to layer in the past and also had problems with pinholes no matter what I did to correct the problem it continued to happen. The color I was getting was beautiful but it was not worth the time I was spending trying to fix it. Good luck.
  2. Burnishing

    Jeri, I'm so glad it all worked out. Here is an idea for more sheen it works for me. When you are finished burnishing use a round soft sponge (the kind you use for pottery they come in student kits or you can buy them seperate,most likely you have one). Wrap the dry sponge in a thin plastic grocery bag, make sure to not have any creases in the bag that is around the sponge, then lightly buff your pot with it. You will be amazed at the shine you get. I only fire to 018 when I burnish but I am pit firing and my pots are not functional. This will not work with any pot that needs to be functional. Good luck and Happy Potting.
  3. Hi, just looked at some pics of your smoked fired pots (I think they are smoke fired) in the "gallery" section they are really cool.I'm also interested in smoke firing althrough I do mine in a metal garbage can and they only are in the fire about 15 to 30 min. Thanks for sharing those pics.

  4. Disintigrating Clay

    your pots could be getting wet or absorbing moisture. Have you tried sealing them when they are finished? Just a guess.
  5. my pots

  6. Burnishing

    try this- use a rubber kidney to smooth the pot just after throwing it, this will start the process of pushing the grog in. Then when your pot is leather hard put it back on the wheel and smooth again with the rubber kidney. Don't use water and don't push to hard.You should not have to sand your pot before the final burnish. When your pot is bone dry burnish it with your stone but instead of using water use a small amount of cooking oil burnish and oil small areas at a time. Try not to push to hard if you do the surface of your pot could crack, just use the weight of your stone. I hope this helps.