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  1. hey John, thanks for responding to my question, well I have this stoneware clay, like I said that is rated as ^7-10. I have bisqued fired it to ^06 at this point wanted to use a liner glaze and was going to use red iron oxide on the outside, the glaze is a ^6 glaze was that is where I get lost , should I be using a glaze that fires to a hotter temp? What would happen if I use the ^6 glaze?
  2. Have not fired any stoneware yet in my electric kiln but am wanting to, I will be using cone 7-10 stoneware clay with a cone 6 glaze. Are there any problems with this? Should I put any sand, wadding, etc., under my pots? I use stilts on my earthenware when I glaze fire, should I do the same with the stoneware? Just a quick run through on how to do this would be a great help. Thanks for the help
  3. Hi, just looked at some pics of your smoked fired pots (I think they are smoke fired) in the "gallery" section they are really cool.I'm also interested in smoke firing althrough I do mine in a metal garbage can and they only are in the fire about 15 to 30 min. Thanks for sharing those pics.

  4. can anyone tell me if they know , earthenware or stoneware, fired to the same temp., ^06, which will be most durable?
  5. low fire clay is safe to use as tableware if it is glazed, other wise it is porous and could harbor bacteria. Low fire clays are less durable than high fire clays.
  6. how is it going with the brunished pots?
  7. What do ya'll think? If I fire earthenware and stoneware both to ^06 which will be most durable? I want to burnish the piece, bisque fire it then smoke it in a metal can, which of these, earthenware or stoneware, will take the smoke better?
  8. Have you tried firing a pot that you have not burnished? just to see if the problem is in the throwing. If you have done this with successful results I would think that you maybe haven't let your burnished pots dry completely. Has for not burnishing the inside of pots, I use terra sig on the inside of mine all the time with great results.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have been doing pottery for about 8 years, just as a hobbie at present,day time job, hairdresser. Interested mostly in low fire, hand built,terra sig, and smoke fired pottery.

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