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  1. I accidentally posted my question to "Clay & Glaze Technical", but no joy there. You folks, however, always help me out of the jams I get myself into. So... I've been following the post regarding lids stuck to pots by glaze, and it has raised some basic questions for me. I make sculptures, paint them with underglazes and fire them to cone 06. No sticking glaze issues because I only use underglazes. But I was invited to enter two sculptural teapots in a teapot show, and I suddenly find myself with glaze issues! I have bisqued the "pots", underglaze fired them (both firings at 06), and now it's time to add a clear satin cone 5 glaze. I had assumed that the lid and pot would be fired separate from each other, but after reading the post, it looks like that's not the way it's done (perhaps because they need to stay together to avoid warping differently from each other?). If I'm understanding this correctly, and I am supposed to fire them together, what is the secret to keeping them from sticking? Does it all come down to waxing? (Do multiple coats of water based wax help?) And do I have to worry about the glaze melting and running past the waxed area into the well where the lid and pot fit together? For that matter, since the two sculpture "pots" don't have a foot like typical functional ware, how far up the side of the pot must I wax to avoid glaze running down and sticking the sculpture to the shelf? All of this leads me to what may be obvious to a functional potter, but seems like a stumbling block to me: I would rather that the pots be completely glazed around the neck openings, but if I have to fire the pots with their lids in place, it seems that it isn't possible. Today is glaze firing day, so any help will be appreciated!
  2. I'm finally ready to buy gloves that protect against flames and hot pots better than leather welders gloves. After researching PBI, Kevlar, and a PBI/Kevlar blend, I'm confused by all the options. The gloves will be used once or twice a month to remove very hot pots from a flaming "pit" fire. Any advice regarding material, manufacturer or retailer would be welcome. Jayne
  3. Zetex Plus it is. Marcia,I really enjoyed your video. I've never seen the Raku process on that work that large. Do you have other videos on YouTube? Jayne
  4. Again, thanks. I'll follow Mark's advice and Dirt Poor's example (well, I hope I won't burn up the gloves!). And thanks for the coupon tip!
  5. Thanks, all of you. Dirt Poor: I was pretty impressed at how high a temperature the Galeton gloves can handle - 2,000 briefly, 1500 continuously. Jawpot's comments about considering how long before flexibility and heat protection start to degrade makes me wonder how those Galetons are holding up for you? Mark, do I understand correctly that the Kevlar Cono-Guard gloves that you use the most are less protection against heat than the leather welding gloves? My leather welding gloves are like these at Axner ( http://www.axner.com/leather-welders-gloves-set-of-2.aspx), and in the 60 or so seconds that it takes to rearrange a pot or sculpture in the fire or to lift it out, my hands get REAL uncomfortable!! Jayne
  6. Thanks, Bruce and Marcia. I have Googled everything that could be remotely related to the subject, but no luck. And Bruce, how clever of you to have found that. I tried, but failed. Jean, who was nice enough to share the clip the first time, messaged me that she'd tried to open the link today with no luck. I got the same results. As it turned out, a day with zero chance of precipitation turned into a rainy day. Gotta build a shed for these "Best laid plans" outdoor firing days....
  7. Hi, all. It's been awhile since I posted on the forum, but I'm back and as always I need help. I am certain that I remember a member sharing a short (5 minutes?) video of Summi either pit firing or using a trash can to fire. I'm going to try one or the other today and although I have her book, I surely could use some visuals. Anybody able to steer me toward the video?
  8. Isculpt

    Forest Flight

    From the album: Sculpture

  9. Isculpt

    Community Challenge #1

    Evelyn, I love the piece -- and the story that goes with it is priceless. It's a shame you don't have time lapse photography showing the unwitting performers furtively glancing around them before they scurry away with bits of broken shards stuck to the soles of their shoes! Jayne
  10. Isculpt

    Community Challenge #1

    i used a rubber mallet , then a home made clay mallet, (from scrap lumber) i didnt have a roller to make slab, i used second mallet to shape and square off piece and wven out thickness. cracks are product of uneven firing and large grog which were unfortunately not planned, PS my first name is not big Thanks for the info and the big laugh, Little Lou.
  11. Isculpt

    Community Challenge #1

    Big Lou, 1) what does "hand hammered" tile mean? 2) those nice cracks in the lower center of the Starry Night piece - how did you create them?
  12. I just stumbled across this funny parody of Adele's "Rolling In the Deep", with British potter Keith Brymer Jones singing about the fire in his kiln. Could be I'm the last clay person to know about it, but if you haven't seen it, enjoy.....
  13. I've never believed in killing other creatures except in self defense, but those wolf spiders are so big and fast that it's a kill-or-be-killed situation if ever there was one!! Before I had a clay studio, I had zero kills on my record. Now I'm pretty sure I'm Spider Enemy #1 in South Carolina! jayne
  14. Isculpt

    Some Buns

    What size are the plates (? bowls? platters?) Glad to see you applying that talent to something besides mugs!!
  15. Isculpt

    (Un)Happy Accidents

    Being one who believes in "never say die" (in the studio, anyway), I want to see a picture of this resurrected pot!
  16. Isculpt

    Our First Show ...

    Bob is right; you never know what will sell. And once you've got a track record somewhere, you still never know what will sell!
  17. Isculpt

    Community Challenge Idea

    I really like what Georgia wrote above: "I love the idea of a quarterly challenge, with people posting pictures of their ideas throughout the quarter. I have participated in a similar idea with photography and found I was inspired and motivated by others ideas. It was always, "Oh, I love that. What if I did such and such?", using it as a jumping off point... So, while I don't like the idea of competition I do like the idea of a challenge." I disagree about setting up two different threads, though. UNITY should be the goal here, right? I've exhibited at enough Florida shows where Saturday night's exhibitor party was the stage for announcing who won "Best in Show", etc. to know that competition does not bring crafts people closer. After six or seven of those parties, I decided I'd had enough of looking at a hundred sad, injured, bitter, jealous faces alongside three or four happy ones. The first time I boycotted one of those parties, I won "Best in Show" along with a check for $1500. I was so glad that I found out about it the next day from friends who were genuinely happy for me instead of in a group of craftspeople with half of them resentfully suspecting I bribed the judge! Even at those shows where skill levels were fairly consistent, competition created more negative feelings than positive ones, and I just don't think competition is appropriate in a forum like this with all skill levels represented. Surely there must be a way to do this without judgment. Comments, praise - yes, but judgments, ratings, rankings - I don't think they're conducive to the kind of support this forum is known for. Jayne
  18. Isculpt

    Community Challenge Idea

    I really like the idea of a two-month challenge. I'm not crazy about the competition aspect, but I think that's a gender issue. 'Without a winner how would you end it' ????? It would end on the date that was predetermined. Ideally, everyone would post their images within a 3-4 day period on a "Let's see what you've come up with" thread. Or maybe there is even a smoother way to do that -- create a special album or something? Just my thoughts.... Competition isn't a deal breaker, just possibly less of a harmony-creator. Jayne
  19. Isculpt

    Happy Holidays To All

    Happy Holidays and thanks for all the support, advice, kindness and laughter. This is a great community....and speaking of community, today is a great day to reach out to someone who may not have that connection. A phone call, an email.....
  20. I am buried alive in images on my computer. I can't seem to figure out a decent organizing system for them. One thing is clear: I've got to stop taking a dozen shots of every little ol' thing with the idea that "later" I'll weed out all but the best shot! (Not happening) Meanwhile, I hate Photoshop, both for editing and for organizing. I'm still grieving over my lovely Microsoft Digital Image program that worked effortlessly but ceased to be supported when Windows XP was replaced by Windows 7. So.... can anyone share their favorite organizing (and even editing) program for their digital images? And any tricks to keep the reduced-size images separate from the full-sized images? I've been adding the letters sm or sz on the end of the image title, but when you're skimming through the images, it takes time to open up their titles to find which is large and which is small...and then when you close them, you're confused again. I'm currently trying to weed out a lot of duplicates, but sorting out the small images from the larger is a pain. Further, and this one blew my mind: Searching though several months of images, I found about 10,000 images represented by a globe on a sheet of paper with "Breeze" on it. When clicked, they showed a mishmash of letters and numbers. I DON'T EVEN HAVE 10,000 images, so what's up with that? (I tried to add an image, but got the message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file".) Any answers to any of the above will help my desperately addled brain. Jayne THANKS, Jayne
  21. Thanks again to all of you. By the way, it appears that Santa reads the Business forum, because thanks to Nancy, I awoke this Christmas morning to find that I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS. Maybe good pictures will equal fewer of them to have to organize!
  22. Isculpt

    Test tiles front

    Thanks for sharing the milk-and-cream technique, especially the written details about the process on the tiles. Very beautiful and very inspiring!
  23. It appears the technological things are fighting back. The two broken toes have been joined by a sprained ankle. Oh, and my only TV died six weeks ago, got replaced by a new smart TV which can't hold a signal despite being directly wired...and now that the 30 day return period is up, the old plasma TV has experienced a miraculous healing. We're just waiting for the face of Jesus to show up on the TV, but we'd be really grateful if the miracles would just spread to the 2 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 printer...and two toes and an ankle. Jayne
  24. Isculpt

    What Are Your Favorite Animals?

    "...the one with a basketball nose" ... now that made me curious, so I Googled it and found some truly weird lyrics!
  25. Thank you all for your input. Sorry I disappeared for a day there. I'm suddenly death on all things technological...my printer went black (after I bought 2 dozen inks so I'd never be caught shorthanded), one of my two laptops started smoking and making static sounds, and the other went to an eerie white screen with a message "recovery not supported". Both laptops' images were backed up on a studio desktop that died a few weeks ago. I ordered a replacement desktop and the cpu is sitting in my floor waiting to be programmed, where I tripped over it 10 minutes ago and appear to have broken 2 toes. I'm writing on my kindle now...but that could go any minute! And Giltex, I bought the kindle for its revolutionary Mayday feature that gives you almost immediate access to a tech support person... who as often as not, talks fast. You've all given me lots of options and concrete help....and when I decide how to incorporate most of them, it looks like maybe I'll be starting fresh with almost no images to worry about. It's almost a relief, frankly. (Kinda hate losing the 40th birthday Ireland and the 50th birthday England shots along with the sculpture pix, though....sigh) Jayne

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