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Bailey's Red Orange ^6 Oxidation

Bailey's Red Orange ^6 Oxidation

    Just beautiful! Love the glaze work. Thanks for the peak. Dorie
    Michael's Bailey's Orange red Base Glaze from his book ^6 Glazes
    Potash Feldspar 46.7
    Kaolin 4
    Bentonite 2
    Bone Ash 15
    Lithium Carb. 4
    Talc 16.9
    Silica 11.4
    total 100.0

    Red Iron Oxide 11.5%

    hold at ^6 for 20 minutes and soak again at 1900 for 30 minutes

    Is this oxidation? NICE red! 

    Oxidation as in the title.

    I thought I labeled all of them.