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(so it seems the word Q U E E R is automatically censored on this forum (weird? offensive?) so i had to combine it with the word next to it to keep it from becoming entirely hash-marks....)


Are there any QueerCeramics makers out there? QueerFolks who are making work related to Queerness? I'm a QueerTrans Lady Artist in San Francisco who makes work, primarily in ceramics, about (and documenting) the experience of beingQueer and Trans in the world. I know so few other ceramic-making folks who identify asQueer, and was hoping to build some community, maybe curate a show or something, but mostly to connect with each other.


I've been making Delftware inspired work for a while now (is Blue and White tired? Sometimes i think so....), working with underglazes and stains (instead of cobalt) that reads more like blue-purple (like cobalt...but gayer...) and making images of queerPeople, sort of using ceramics to document and kind of immortalize QueerHistory then and now.... I guess i'm interested in Delftware's use of illustrating history, the sort of scenes or landscapes that are preserved forever in clay, and i guess i've just been thinking how rich this is given how poorly gay andQueer history is documented, and how i rarely get to see blue and white ceramics that discusses more than it's sort of innate decorative qualities. I was telling a QueerLesbian Ceramics Artist in Portland, OR that I think blue and white is the ceramics equivalent of using quilt patterns or cross stitching or other craft-tropes in artwork. Anyway! Just some thoughts about my work.....


My (currently under construction) website is NickiGreen.org, would love to see other folk's work and talk about QueerCeramics!

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Agreeing with you that censoring '' is crazy. Can an administrator look into this? I'm surprised, frankly, that the board is censored at all. Anyway, I think Grayson Perry might be of interest to you. A brief search also brings up this: http://extremecraft.typepad.com/extreme_craft/2008/11/potterys-gay.html, which talks about Eric Scollon, though I'm not personally familiar with his work.

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