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How to repair air release Ceramicale mold + best water ratio?

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Hi! We use Ceramicale air hose release molds, and was wondering what the best glue to use is to repair small breaks in the mold.

During the casting process, a piece of the mold design broken off (not huge), and we have another with small holes from trying to remove the stuck positive (see pic) and we aren’t sure what is best to repair it. We used a bonding type resin which makes it super slick and changed the design a bit. Also hard to sand. It also doesn’t allow for air release well in that section. I’ve also seen someone recommend Elmers glue.

Does anyone know of something better, maybe closely replicating the ceramicale texture?

Also, if anyone knows the best water temperature and ceramicale:water ratio, would love to hear. So far best I’ve heard is 77 degrees with 100:40 ratio.

Thank you!


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Hello Startile333,

Welcome to the forum.

Your proportions are good. The last few batches of Ceramical, that I've been using, have mixed thick. When that happens I add a tad more water to get a nice smooth mix. (At times the surface of the mixing Ceramical was a sea of bubbles. Some breaking, some not. Adding a touch more water allowed the bubbles to break more easily. Before the pour.)

Repair - white Elmers has worked best for me.  I usually have to wait for the glue to become tacky before I get a good bond.

As far the problem is concerned...it's hard for me to see what the problem is, exactly?  I see the holes...I don't see the context? 

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