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my new plaster bat for recycling

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oh my.  have wanted one of these for some time, and finally got it all together to make one.  16" by 16" by 2".  cannot really believe how fast the water is absorbed and the clay is ready for wedging.  I cover the batch with a cardboard box, and flip the clay when one side gets a little stiff.

hesitated to make one because I could not find the absolute recipe for plaster to water--i mean there were instructions on the bag of plaster, but one needs to be a mathematician or something!!!  had 16 pounds of plaster and finally came up with 5 quarts of water, and it is perfecto.  thought I had better do something before the clay that needed recycling got out of control.

starting to think I will throw with the Nara porcelain going forward, and handbuild with the red and black clay just to keep things simpler going forward.  may need another plaster bat for the white clay.  getting used to the L and L kiln, firing to cone 5 instead of 6, as it seems a bit hot based on the witness cones and the end work.  thank you for all the advice and kind words~~

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