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Shimpo's problem

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I have a problem with my Whisper-T, the bearing is broken. I wonder what kind of experienc do you have about the water going outside the splashpan while you are working? (if any) 

I try of course to awoid the splashpan to be  filled up to the point of overflow, but there is always some amout of water with clay under the splashpan joints and the bearing head is bit wet as well.

Another problem with is result of what is written above is water leacking down to the motor. 
In this wheel model the motor is right below the wheel head and it is attached to the body by 4 screws only and what I found out is there is no gasket in betwen the motor and the body frame. 
It means even if there is a small amount of water going down it goes stright to the motor.

Does anybody have the some problem?

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