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 i now WHACK the ball of clay down onto the center of the bat i throw on. a couple of whacks with a hefty wooden paddle before i start using my hands.  not sure exactly what is happening to the clay platelets after that but i rarely have any s cracks and then i kind of know what silly thing i did with that particular pot.  rarely being one or so a year.

oldlady your words remind me of how the koreans make the onggi pots. cant remember if they just put or whack the clay ball but then they beat it till its the thickness they want and then they apply coils to pull up.


a local potter here sorta uses that technique to show his students of how to throw plates. he doesnt throw the clay into a flat pancake but stomps it with rice bags to thin out the ball of clay after centering. his class does not have that many cracks as our class does with their thrown plates. 

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