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Pottery: A Basic Manual

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One of the best pottery making books for absolute beginners and for someone needing a refresher course is, Pottery: A Basic Manual by Cora Pucci; Little, Brown and Company, 1974.


You can find it for a few dollars on Amazon or you can borrow it from your local library.


Some of the information contained in this book is a bit dated; particularly prices for equipment and supplies. In 1974 estimated costs for potter’s wheels was $200 to $450 and prices for 18â€x18†electric kilns was $250 to $400. I am sure no one ever imagined that the equipment prices would morph into today’s prices. Also Ms Pucci mentions using Albany slip, but due to the depletion of Albany slip, mining has ceased and so therefore we must consider alternatives. And asbestos is lethal so ignore this reference. When she refers to the yellow pages for suppliers just think internet.


But these references aside, Cora Pucci’s approach to simple aesthetics, hand building, throwing on the wheel, glazing, and studio set up is explained very plainly. This book is a good ‘starting’ point for anyone interested in beginning to work in clay.



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