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  1. Hello you all and thanks a lot for starting the discussion! I'll upload some sketches to clarify a bit. The part can have quite some tolerances and is no technical part. I need no fancy clay or high temperature firing. It should be possible to handle the process and materials with "normal pottery equipment". I'm just worried about the draft angle, as one major requirement is a quite consistent inner diameter. As the inner contours (bores) are deep and not that wide I can't go more than 0,5° for a draft angle. If 0,5° is not possible, another step in manufaturing is needed to hone out or strech the cavities. Shouldn't be too complex to manufacture though! Please note that the pipes/tubes are arrayed not only linearly but also in the depth which makes molding from the outside of the tubes impossible. Here some visuals to my inital ideas on manufacturing:
  2. Hi there, happy new year! I am a novice, happy to learn from some threads here so far =) I'm thinking about starting a clay project I have in mind for a few years. Therefore I am trying to find the best way of manufacturing a battery of parallel pipes that should have none or almost no draft angle at the inner walls of the pipes. Additionally, the ends of the pipes should have a defined shape too, one side even closed off. I thought about different ways to solve it: Extrusion of modeling clay mass (-> no draft) + slip casting of front and bottom of pipe battery (can modeling clay mass be combined with a slip cast process?) Slip casting with minimal draft angle (0,5° or even less? polish the plaster for easier demolding?) . Plaster mold resembles the inner shape of the tubes and slip builds up to the outside. (Is it a problem that the drying clay will shrink onto the inner mold - maybe even leading to cracking? Slip casting with normal draft angle (2-3°?) and using drill(?) to drill out the draft into a even hole before firing(?) or is the slip cast elastic enough to be streched/widened to a homogenous inner diameter of the pipes somehow? Form pressing of clay mass. Not sure about possibility of 0° draft. Don't know of a reference of form pressing clay yet. Maybe you have one? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!
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