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    Just Stuff

    A pot pourri of test items, some successful and smoe not so much.
  2. From the album: Just Stuff

    This is a sample of a point twill using 8 shafts on a non-computerized Dobby loom. I studied different weave structures to use in my pottery and metals work: it was fascinating!

    © Charles A Peavey 2012

  3. From the album: Just Stuff

    Deep drawing is an indstrial technique used to make many hollow shapes out of sheet metal. Marcia Selsor did a post a while back on the technique using clay where she draped the clay slab over a sheet with a hole in it and combed the material down into the hole. I wanted to try her technique and it works very well. It is much faster than making a mold and there can be many variations using the same form. I had a commission for a wall nook and this was a proof of concept piece for that nook. As it was I used a more traditional method of fully supporting the bowl because of the size of the p

    © Charles A Peavey, 2010, all rights reserved

  4. From the album: Just Stuff

    This tile is part of a set for an iron patio table. The tile is a highly grogged clay body fired to ^10. The image is an actual hop leaf from my farm and is in chromium oxide glazed with a celadon glaze. This is part of a comission for a set of hand wrought iron patio tables for a local craft brewery. The tiles make up the table top of the wrought iron tables.

    © All rights reserved, Copyright 2011

  5. From the album: Just Stuff

    Porcelain, Aoki Blue @ ^10

    © All rights Reserved, Copyright 2011

  6. Reduction firing is done in the absence of oxygen but has any one tried firing in a muffle furnace using other types of gasses? Saggar firing appears to come closest to the use of a muffle furnace but the atmosphere in saggars relys in the combustion of organic materials to use up the oxygen and uses some of the compnents of the smoke generated to color the object. Muffle furnaces are often used in heat treating metals and properties in the treated metal are changed by heating the metal in a controlled atmosphere by introducing gasses into the muffle.
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