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  1. Hi, So I will try next time the cone 5 glaze program? In the glaze website its looks that it is ok
  2. Hi, This is picture of the clay And the glaze, I did neilestrick cone 06 program after normal bisque on my kiln Cone 06 Earthenware Program 1. 60C/hr to 85C, hold as long as needed. No hold needed for totally dry pots unless they're thick. 2. 150C/hr to 898C, no hold. 3. 60C/hr to 998C, no hold. Maybe I Should do the cone 5?
  3. Hi, So I tried the cone 06 program, It turns out great, no pinholes but after cooling the object makes cracking sounds (for 12 hours till now) But the surface looks ok its normal? Thanks
  4. Thanks very much, You can help me please to fill the 4 segment? Two programs, 1 glaze for earthware (cone 06 i think) and also stoneware
  5. Thanks very much for the fast response Attached picture and screenshot of firing program tool
  6. Hi, Me and my wife new for ceramic and pottery, We did some work and the glaze goes with lots of pinholes, We have new nabertherm top 80 with 400 controller, That has 4 segment We use 264 pottery passion clay, Did the basic bisque and then 3 layers of bellssimo (colorobbia) glaze, Fire with glaze 1180 program I want to know what we can do? Maybe program tips of the bisque or the glaze firing (the controller has 4 segment with temp of each segment and time or rate Or any other tip to solve it Thanks very much
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