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  1. Thanks everyone! Super helpful tips, and I have so much to learn. Firstly, I winged it because I had nothing to measure the SG of theslip with - and added 10mg of stain to 16 oz of glaze slop. I just got my electric installed for my new (used) kiln yesterday, so will test what I did. There will be no waste. I ‘ll make it work. Luckily I learned my lesson and won’t be repeating this error! For now though, I’m curious how to get a new 50# sack of dry glaze from Laguna. Do they do direct orders anymorE I wonder.? And how did I manage to get this bag in the first place? It’s been so long since I bought it I can’t remember!! LOL
  2. So yes, Laguna Clear Bright! And I got totally lost on your figures. My brain doesn’t like numbers at all. Thank you!
  3. So I usually mix dry stains with dry glaze, but currently have a large quantity of mixed Laguna MS 29 clear glaze I want to use instead. How would I figure out quantity of stain to add? My usual ratio is 10g stain to 100g dry glaze. Is this possible and will it have a good outcome??
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