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  1. Hi Johnny, thanks for the reply. Yes here is a photo of one that crawled and one that didn't. I do notice that it tends to be on a curved decent, for example on bowls it happens on the outside as the side of the bowl curves down the foot (hope that makes sense).
  2. Hello I often have problems with crawling, I have been reading about adding adding a small amount of Veegum CER or CMC to glazes to help them adhere to the clay, has anyone had else tried this or have this problem? I make sure there is no dust on my greenware pots but wiping them with a clean sponge before glazing (I dip glaze, not brush on). I've been experimenting a lot with layering glazes, and getting some really lovely results, but often at least a few mugs or 1 bowl out of a set will have crawled! Very frustrating, and I feel I can't go on loosing 20-30% of each kiln load. Sometimes I've found things that are in the middle of the kiln shelf are more likely to crawl which seems odd! I go up to 1230. One of the main glazes I use is Amaco Tourmaline which I put on top of an oatmeal or ironstone. Any advice appreciated! Thanks, Sophie
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