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  1. Thank you. No worries about weather - there will be no car in the garage: it is actually two 2-car garages, so this entire space is for my studio. To be honest, it is why I bought the house.
  2. Hello! First post and excited to join. This group always pops up when I search a pottery related question. I have a new home and am setting up shop in my garage. The electrician can (finally) be here next week to run the line and breaker for my kiln, but I am still unsure about the best location for it. The garage is a fairly new extension off of the original garage - it was built 3 years ago to be the previous owners workshop and is 19' x 23'. It is really well insulated and has a propane heater on the back wall which pulls fuel from the pig that heats the house. I am in Michigan - land of scorching hot summers and arctic-like winters. The garage managed to stay pretty cool in August as long as I kept it closed up. We will see how it retains heat pretty shortly here. So, I am trying to upload a sketch I have and we'll see how quick a learner I am. I have located 2 spots to possibly put the kiln. The first is in the back corner. But the proximity to the propane heater concerns me. Of course I will close the valve when running the kiln, and it is has a thermostat, but still concerned about safety. Of course that may be an unfounded concern - and that is not the location I would prefer. I would rather put it up in location 2 near the garage door. I can still vent out the side of the garage and I can just open the garage door when it is too hot. Or can I? It is a metal door, but does have rubber wheels. The kiln is a Skutt 1018-3, so not too tall and well insulated with the thick brick. I would really appreciate any insight you experienced folk have on this. I have been one of 2 people in charge of loading and firing the kilns at my current studio for the last 6 months, so I do have some experience, I guess it is just having a kiln in my home being a new experience that has me worried.
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