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  1. Thank you, I will also make sure to wear dedicated shoes, and clothing. I appreciate your response’s I have been working in the new room/space and have noticed an improvement:)
  2. Thank you for ur response’s. I will be especially vigilant with the drying clay - canvas material isn’t going to be used. I just hope that the bathroom fan removes the dust in the room. I’m unsure if it’s strong enough, I had the studio set up in a different room to begin and started getting pretty bad allergic reaction:( as I said I’ve just started with clay and during my course that I took at the pottery studio I didn’t have any kind of issue.. mind you, I had to wear a a mask while in the shared studio space . - I think I will be also wearing a mask as well… but if it starts to affect me in the rest of the house then i will have a real issue. kindly:)
  3. Hi, thank you in advanced to anyone that can help with this question. Recently I have set up a studio that I have in my house (pottery wheel and wedging table - not my kiln). I am concerned with the silica dust in my house. in the studio there is a bathroom fan that removes the air in that space every 9 minutes. (150 cubic-feet per minute roughly 1300 cubic feet studio) I keep a window open and get a cross breeze. I also have an IQ air filter which is top of the line for allergy sufferers. There is a separate entrance to the studio as well as a door to the house that I will keep closed . I have in floor heating system. I have put plastic on the vent (not the ceiling fan) that removes the air from the room and circulates through the rest of the house. Is this sufficient enough for air circulation and filtration? - will this be safe for keeping most of the air born particles out of the rest of the house? I also mop and wipe - not sweep and no vacuum .. most everything is in plastic bins with lids. Everything is wipeable. kindly, thank-you for responses.
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