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  1. How do I rest the resistance? This is the only part of kiln repair I haven't done/am not familiar with
  2. New one (melted) on left, old one (stuck) on right.
  3. I do one in one out wiring. As in, i take it off of one of the relays and put it on the same spot on the new one. But it does fit with the wiring diagram.
  4. If anyone was wondering I waited for it to cool down and then looked inside. One of the (new) relays melted. Luckily it was bisque that was in there not glaze work. Very frustrated though because I am sure I wired correctly. This relay melted on the second firing with it.
  5. Hi all, I have an amaco select fire (same as skutt 818). I recently replaced the elements AND the relays (both gave out at the same time). I did a cone 05 bisque yesterday at medium speed. It hit temp (1888) in 7.5 hours. Today, I am doing a bique 05 again medium speed and after 9 hours it's still not up to temp. What could be the issue? Normally I hear the elements buzzing on and off but I don't right now and while the kiln is gaining temp it's going sloooooow. It was perfect yesterday! New elements, new relays, none of the connections are loose. Help!
  6. Ha! Thank you. I like the screw ones but I think it was just not on tight enough. Waiting for new parts.
  7. I did just move cross country and the kiln came with. Probably the connections shook a little loose in transit. I'm going through to tighten up the rest of them.
  8. Mine use this type of connection, not the crimped connection. I will be replacing the screw connection that looks a little burnt and replacing the element but I'm bummed. Do y'all think I should switch to the crimp connectors? The screw ones were on the kiln when I bought it and I like them.
  9. Hi all! I JUST replaced all the elements in my skutt 818. One of them burnt at the connector, which now makes the kiln fire too long (not up to temp) and the pigtail broke off so now it's too short. Is there any way to fix this without replacing the entire element again? I've done maybe ten firings with this brand new set of elements. Thank you!
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