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  1. Ok, thank you! I appreciate your advice.
  2. Ok, thank you for the info. I didn’t realize the damage until a little over a month after we moved in, so I’m sure it’s too late to file a claim. Would you happen to know about how much a new lid would be and where I might be able to get one?
  3. During our move across country, the movers placed a heavy item on top of my Paragon SnF kiln which ultimately broke some chunks off the bricks on the lid and created a huge crack all the way through the lid (bricks inside the lid are now very loose) my questions are: Is this fixable? Is there something I can use to fill in the broken areas on the lid and seal/fix the crack? Or… can I get new bricks to rebuild the lid? Or… can I and/or should I buy a new lid for it? Just hoping to get some advice… I’m honestly not sure what to do. Thanks for your ideas or suggestions. Tanya
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