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  1. Thanks all, I’m a bit touched by how helpful you are!! true that I don’t often use cones in firing, will definitely purchase them after this long way failing I’m going to do the below tests: - adding silica in 3 scales -using the wollastonite recipe -lowering portion of kaolin -do 60c/h starting from 1122c will reach you guys back again after they are fired!thank a lot :):)
  2. Hi Bill, They are not pinholes but bubbles shown in the picture.. and it is true that i do ramp hold firing. I was working on Katz-burke matte: Kaolin 29.23 Frit 3124 22.56 Nepheline Syenite 20.37 Whiting 17.10 Silica 10.74 My firing schedule was: 100c/h to 300c 120c/h to 950 - hold 20 mins 130c/h to 1235 - hold 20 mins I had done two glazes containing 3124 and both of them were fired with these kind of huge bubbles. Other glazes that are without 3124 fired with the same firing schedule didn't bubble. Thank you so much for helping!!!
  3. Hi Chilly, They are bubbles of the fired pieces.
  4. Hi all, I’m based in Hong Kong and had been testing two glazes with ferro frit 3124, both of them bubbles a lot……. I wasn’t so sure this problem come from 3124, but this time my variant materials are only nephine syenite and 3124, while other glazes with NS doesn’t bubble. I’m not sure if it is the supply contaminated or my firing schedule went wrong. I’ve changed my firing schedule to have a hold section at around 900 degree as I was trying to let the bubbles produced by boron out. The last glaze improved but the bubbles still appear occasionally. Also there is another hold section of 20mins after the highest temp of firing. My kilns doesn’t do slow cooling schedules. So, I would like to see if there is any recommendations from this community. What should I do? Any substitutes for 3124? (GB is not available in my region, how about 3134?) Your comment would help a lot!! Thank you! Didi
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