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  1. Lol this might be the best answer yet! But thumping it with a mallet sounds so satisfying!
  2. I’ll check that first! Thanks!
  3. I think you might have something with that last suggestion! Lol thanks!
  4. You mean I can’t straighten it out. Man that stinks. Guess I’ll continue with sculpting.
  5. I got my money back on this one because I ordered a 30cm wheel and got a 25 cm instead. So I can’t complain. But I’d like to stop the wobble.
  6. Sorry Bill, I took the video before I read your message. If you can’t make out the problem from this I’ll try your way. And it won’t let me attach a 15 second video because it’s too big. Is there a secret to posting video here?
  7. I’ll try to grab some video tomorrow when I go up to play.
  8. I’m thinking it’s not a brand name. I can’t afford another Brent, so I went for cheap instead of good.
  9. I just got a new wheel after too many years without one. The trouble is, there seems to be a wobble in the turntable. It’s almost imperceptible when you look at it, but it sure shows when you center the clay and when you trim. And yes, I’ve leveled the table. The wheel still wobbles. Help!
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