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  1. That was very helpful, thank you! I found out that my kiln actually has a firemate. Yes I feel ridiculous, haha. In my defense I don’t have easy access to my kiln, not being able to hook it up where I live it’s been kept at a relatives house. But I searched it recently and for some reason the firemate is attached to the side of the kiln! Happy to use your advice when I fire!
  2. I haven’t fired yet! Still waiting on the kiln sitter cone holders that were missing from my kiln. Missing the firemate dial has definitely been the biggest setback. I can’t seem to find instructions on how to fire otherwise. But I’m happy to know now I just have to cross my fingers and see what happens. Apply the knowledge I have and hope for the best. At least I’m not scouring the internet anymore haha.
  3. I’m sorry I should have been more specific, yes the timer goes up to 20. It’s the thumb wheel for the temperature that goes to 10. Thank you for the help! I’ll have to fidget with it to see what works. I’ve also read to leave the kiln on low overnight with the lid open to candle. Would I achieve the same by only running it a few hours then turning it off?
  4. “The main consideration for firing speed is that you should not fire faster than the ware will absorb heat, and you should not cool faster than the ware will release heat. Firing and cooling rapidly will result in stressing and even cracking the ware due to uneven expansion. Very thick pieces, such as hand molded sculptures, require very slow heating and cooling. Set the speed control on “normal” or “A” for pieces made in molds, while a setting of "E" can be used for most handmade pieces. For very thick handmade pieces or for low temperature soaking of these pieces or porcelain, use the manual setting for soaking, then turn the speed control to "E" or slow speed when you want to proceed.” I don’t have a A-E dial option. Only the 1-10 firing adjustment. I’ve seen other Cress Kilns that have a dial under the kiln sitter that will adjust the speed of the firing and I don’t have that on my kiln. I was wondering if most of this would be trial and error, but was hoping that there’d be a little more guild lines.
  5. First post to this website because I can’t seem to find the answers I’m looking for anywhere else. I’ve read every finely printed online manual but it’s all very vague. I recently received a Cress Kiln. I understand how the kiln sitter works. I understand using cones. What I’m not getting enough information on is how long I’m suppose to set my timer and what I’m suppose to turn the thumb dial to. It goes from 0-10. The lower the number the lower it heats? How does that work when I need it to fire to a specific temperature? Also if I’m trying to start low then adjust to medium, then high, what am I moving the dial to? I have to test fire it with the new kiln furniture I have before I feel confident in running it with pottery and I’m feeling a little lost. I have an 04 for bisque fire and cone 6 for glaze fire. Everyone seems so helpful here I figured I couldn’t go wrong asking!
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