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  1. thank you so much for this !! I've never asked a question on a forum before and I am overwhelmed by the amount of help you guys have given! I'm so grateful!
  2. There's a big super gloss glaze to go over the top once the firing is done. The prop under the head is super doable though. I didn't know about the water bit. I really appreciate the information on that one. I've sanded it back a bit more and the cracks have become far less pronounced. Sorry to nitpick, what does Friable mean in this context? I tried to google but nothing came up. I've done some pretty dangerous fires before with this clay and they've all come out very well. It's a pretty rock steady clay, I just think you're entirely right about the use of too much water.
  3. It was to fix an aesthetic flaw! His neck was too dainty. I think low fire and a prop is the perfect idea. I was going to fire to cone 4, between 1050 and 1100. The highest my work goes to is 1100 regardless.
  4. http://www.ninawaring.com/blog/2021/8/8/help-blog-post-for-ceramic-forum ^^^^^ THIS IS THE IMAGE PAGE ^^^^^^^ Hello! I've been making work for a long time but need a bit of help on this one. I had a piece that looked weird after I"d finished it, so I added a bit of extra packing with the paper clay I was using onto almost bone dry clay. I used slurry and hatched it and did all the right things, kept it super wet for a while as the added bit dried etc, but it might've dried out a bit too quick regardless. It has been fired over a couple of days to 1000 and the piece is very sturdy, I'm just concerned about the cracks in the neck. I've attached some images of the hairline cracks that have appeared and im' curious as to what people think I should do. I would usually just ignore them, paint over them with underglaze and then glaze and then fire at a temperature around 1050-1100. I take very few risks in the firings. My question is do people think that cracks in added clay to pieces are threatening to the over all piece and do they have remedies, or can I ignore this as there will be a difference of roughly 50-100 degrees between bisque and glaze? Thank you! Nina
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