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  1. Yes, I had two thoughts before, one is I was thinking if I can replace my old bathroom fan to a ventilation system that connect with my kiln, because this is the only duct that will not affect my indoor air circulation. Another thought is just break any of the ceiling panel( T-bar ceiling) and vent, but I don’t know where the air goes to lol. Not sure whether it is going to the building air system or directly outside…Well…Tough….I don’t wanna hurt any one in the building…
  2. Good morning Madam, the whole space is about 1500 Sqft. Bath room is about 45. However we have a lot of other things around and the bath room is the only space that can make clearance from the kiln to the wall. I think I will consider to relocate the kiln… Well you are right, firing is hard for beginners, and a long process to go, I am still on my very first step. I hope I can figure this out before my kiln arrives… I am really appreciate your replies! Really helpful!
  3. Good morning Bill, unfortunately no… To be honest there is no window there. My studio is more like a retail shop, in between other shops, it is a narrow rectangle and one front door to the outside, one back door to the indoor parking. The bathroom is the best location for it because there are many circulating exhaust fans in our main area and air conditioning. I am thinking I probably need to rent another light industrial space to put my kiln. My kiln is still on the way and expected by the end of Aug….Will that be smell really bad when glaze firing?
  4. Hello Bill! Oh my god you gave so much details and seems too professional to me to understand lol! I will copy&paste your words to my electrician! Sooo helpful!! Thank you!!
  5. Hello there! Thanks for your reply! I have the exactly same situation as you! I think your case is a great reference to me, I will let my electrician know!
  6. Hello there, thanks for your reply! Yes I have lots of green ware are waiting for the bisque firing and then glaze firing…I am thinking fire biweekly or monthly with full loading (30-40 small pots per load? I am not sure) not too often. Fresh air is my only concern. Will the fume smells bad when firing?
  7. Hello there! I am really appreciate your advices! I am considering put my kiln in my backyard since I don’t have enough space/clearance in my house. However, the electric panel is far away from my yard, and my kiln need to be hardwired. Is that a problem if I use a long wire to connect the panel and the kiln. (I will for sure let a licensed electrician to do it! ) Please give me some professional advices, thank you!
  8. lol there is only ME in my studio, I hurt myself rather than others!
  9. Here there, I am selling my house by the end of year, I want a space that last long enough……and I am the only one in my studio.
  10. Hello there, yes, we are in commercial area, our bathroom is right beside the board room, sharing the same wall. My electrician has the wire plan for the kiln. I will reconsider the location anyways. Lol
  11. Hello Bill! I really appreciate your advice and theory! I think I will reconsider the location;)
  12. Hello friends, I am new to ceramic! Need help!! I have a Coneare 1822D (3.3 cubic, alittle bit larger than skirt 818) coming by the end of Aug. I have been thinking about where to put it for half year;( There is a 9.4’ x 5.1’ bathroom(no one use) in my commercial studio, ceiling height is 11’, no window to outside, a normal fan on the ceiling, the flooring is tile. Wire is ok. I’ve seen youtuber put their kilns in the bathroom, get really close with everything, no window but still working fine. Please give me more professional suggestions, I have no where else to put. I rent a place, this bathroom belongs to my commercial studio, I don’t live here or use this bathroom, just work here. Thank you!
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