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  1. Here are some photos she sent me: Kiln Info.pdfKiln Info.pdf It won't let me upload the high resolution photos, sorry they are so blurry.
  2. Also, to answer some of your questions... I mostly work with low fire clays and glazes (as of right now) so I would be fine with a low-fire kiln. (I think... unless you would suggest otherwise). I'm no expert but I have heard mid-high fire helps make more functional pottery, less porous? I do have a garage space at my home that I was intending on setting up the kiln in. I did read that I would need an individual electrical breaker if I were to use a kiln at home, which is something I would be able to get done if need be. Sorry if I sound like a newb, I am fairly new to the ceramics world so don't be afraid to keep throwing info at me. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'll get some photos and upload them here asap
  4. I recently got into throwing and have been making stuff in a local studio and at home. I feel comfortable and confident enough on the wheel to start doing things more on my own and in my own home studio. Costs for firing at the studio are starting to add up and it would just be so much easier to do everything at home rather than transporting pieces back and forth. I have done quite a bit of kiln research but I still feel like I know nothing and I find it a lot easier to learn the details from experienced artists. A family friend has an old kiln and as I expressed my interest in possibly buying it from her, she gave me the model and details, but I need more help figuring out if it is a good investment. And if it is, how much should I offer? Will it work for bisque and glaze firing? If this isn't a good fit, do you have any other first kiln suggestions? I have so many questions and need answers! The model is an Evenheat DTP-56DC-E. Thanks to anybody who can help
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