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  1. So, having checked around the website, I'm wondering about this set of recipes http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-glaze-recipes/mid-range-glaze-recipes/expanding-your-palette-in-mid-range-firing/ And it seems that n502 and n503 can be built with Gillespie Borate, F-4 Feldspar, EPK Kaolin, Silica, and Zircopax (will there be a significant difference with superpax?) If I add Whiting, Ferro Frit 3124, Zinc oxide and Bentonite, I can make n504 as well. Chrome oxide, Copper Carbonate, and Manganese Dioxide or Iron Chromate will give me greens, teals, and browns, I think. Proper blues will require cobalt, it looks, which will be quite expensive. Especially in an oxidation kiln (I'm looking at electric) I suspect I'll need mason stains for proper reds. I suppose this will work as a basic short list. Anyone have anything else that I should look for? Say, purples, blacks, anything like that? Or some one thing I can add to the list to make a color break in an interesting way? I'm driving to a conference tomorrow in a fairly decent sized city, so while I'm there, I might as well pick up some things...
  2. Hi, everyone. I've done some pottery things before, in college and so on, but I haven't been able to for some time thanks to a lack of facilities around me. I've moved to a rural area without a potter's guild. Well, I got a wheel for christmas, and have a few lines on a kiln now, and so I'm starting to put together my (hobby) workshop. I'm looking forward to it. But being in a rural area means that I have no easy access to a lot of ceramics supplies - two and a half hour's drive, really, so I'm looking to stock up when I take trips for continuing ed and conferences. Picking out clays isn't too hard - I'm used to cone 6, so that's what I'm looking for in a kiln, and can pick up in a clay body (until I get to the point where I'm mixing it myself - wouldn't bet on that anytime soon). Boxes of cones aren't too hard to figure out what I need, so and and so forth. But for making glazes, it seems that figuring out exactly what I'll need will be a problem. I'd like to have the chemicals on hand to make up a variety of glazes, with a variety of colors and effects, so that I don't have to wait for a month or two for a trip to get the bits I need, and can make more as I need. ( I do realize that places DO ship, but shipping charges for a 5# bag of something simple like zircopax is often greater than the bag itself.) What I'm basically looking for is a list of maybe 12-18 chemicals that would make up a "glaze kit", similar to a first aid kit. It doesn't necessarily have ALL the interesting things in it, but it'll have what you need in it 90% of the time. It seems that I should be able to find a simple foodsafe clear gloss (say five chemicals?) that I can add an opacifier to if I want to (white), this chemical for blue (opaque or translucent), this for green, this for red, and so on, and then a second white one that's matte that I can add the same chemicals to for blue, green, red, etc. (Though I suspect that's not necessarily going to happen). Floats, Lava textures, shino, lustres, all those can come later, but a basic kit would be nice, so that I can add to it as I'm able, and yet will have, in this little town, a reasonable supply of what will be interesting and fun. Any thoughts on a "first glaze kit"? Some associated recipes might be nice, too...
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