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  1. I have only been using high temp but think that it would be best to do low temp for this (because i would like to get more vibrant colors and have been told the fragility of the pieces would probably be the same)... honestly Im still very green and don't fully understand the cones so Im not sure which ones exactly I would be firing to.
  2. Hello! I´ve been making ceramic pieces for the last 6 months and putting a lot of focus on trying to make ceramic jewelry. I have had good results but it is too much of a hazzle to pay for workshop time and burning space and keep track of my tiny pieces in a studio where more than 40 people make pieces. This is why I´m interested in Microwave Kilns. I would really appreciate any advice on brands, things that do and don´t work on microwave kilns and what kind of materials I need to work with it Also any kind of ecological note on wether it is better or worse or the same as firing in a big electric kiln is welcome. Thank you so much in advance!
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