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  1. Hi all, I just had a discouraging afternoon trying to practice throwing simple cylinders. I am having trouble centering the bottom of the clay (the 3/4 inch closest to the wheel head) and I then go off center again while opening the hole. Rings of clay come off when I pull up the wall as well. Any tips on these issues? How long did it take you to reliably center clay and not get frustrated every time? My clay has some grog in it and is uncomfortable and to throw after a few minutes… do I just have to get used to this or am I doing something wrong? I also feel like I am putting water on it constantly and taking away huge amounts of slip. How much water should I really be using? Thank you!!
  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Interesting, I haven’t seen anybody throwing while standing… I’ll keep it in mind though!
  3. Thank you for your response!! These are very good things to keep in mind. This is my second, and I’m already dealing with SI joint pain from my first so I know how that is. And I had no idea lactation hormones also caused loosening. No wonder it seems more intense this time around. Well I am definitely going to keep at it, with caution. Thank you!
  4. Hi All! Just wondering if anybody has successfully continued throwing on the wheel while pregnant. Is posture a real issue? I just got back into pottery and am so excited to do more throwing, but I am in my second trimester already and feel like my time is running short. Any tips for continuing to throw throughout my pregnancy?
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