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  1. Thank you Babs, The product has been imported to Australia by an importer and distribute to the pottery store. I have try to contact the store and there responses is “this is normal and will happened eventually” they doesn’t want to give me the replacement. I post in this community to see if this is really normal? As I don’t believed it is. Still waiting a reply from the store to see if they going to give me the replacement product.
  2. @neilestrick Thank you for your advise, I only use this banding only once or twice a week, just normal hand build. Very disappointed to see the paint came off with in the first few months.
  3. Hi All, thank you for all advise, Got a reply from Shimpo and they confirm that this shouldn’t happened. the products is definitely genuine Shimpo but the teal colour are manufactured in Japan and imported to Australia.
  4. Used my new Shimpo banding wheel for a few months and the green enamel colour of the wheel came off onto the clay. Is this normal? Please advise
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