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  1. Ok good to know. I just need to figure out a place online to order the supplies for just porcelain. I'm in the US. Thanks
  2. Y'all are awesome. So I am in the USA... I am familiar with smooth on. So with porcelain I will need to fire it in a kiln? And we have a place here that does pottery that I will call. Thank you so so much!
  3. I know how to make molds but my interest in doll making has been driving me nuts. I cannot find where to buy materials to pour into the mold. I use hydrocal and ultracal for years along with, chavant, white and WED clay. should I just call Reynolds advanced materials and ask them? What if I want to make plastic dolls and porcelain. I have a brush able two part plastic and too thick to pour called shell shock.. the other plastic is too runny and may set up too fast. Thanks.
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