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  1. I got my kiln last week, and got some new cone 6 porcelain and other cone 6 clays since that's what you all recommended since my glazes are for up to cone 6. I now have a question about bisque firing that I haven't found an answer to... My pieces are very small and thin... How long do you think would be necessary for a bisque fire for something that is 2-4mm thick and the size of a quarter or less? Glaze fire? There are lots of places to look for information online but they're usually for bigger pieces and I'm not sure my things will need long at all. The clay I have ready to try right now is cone 6 porcelain.
  2. Hi Min! Thank you so much for your reply. I'll do some digging. Honestly I just got excited because I saw this forum in a search I did for answers and haven't done anything but join and post so far. Ha! Yes, that is the clay I'm planning on using. Once it's glazed, wouldn't that ensure that the surface wasn't going to absorb anything anymore? I don't believe my kiln will get hot enough to go to cone 11. It's an Olympic Hotbox (HB86E). I chose porcelain because I believed it was the most durable of clays, even if fired to cone 6, because I want it to be able to hold up to what people do with their jewelry. I'll be making small pieces to affix to metals later, and pieces that I'll be adding metals to also (wire wrapping, etc). I have an online shopping cart with a bunch of glazes that fire up to cone 6. I'm not seeing many that continue to be pretty after that temperature. I do suppose this will take some trial and error and obviously I'm not expecting to be awesome and have awesome things from the start. I just am trying to choose product that will be great quality when finished. So grateful for your thoughts and tips! It's always fun beginning new things and I'm so happy you were willing to share some things with me and give me direction! Azloen
  3. Hi! I'm totally inexperienced in this new world of clay and I have questions. I am planning on making tiny porcelain ceramics for jewelry. I have acquired a brand new kiln, some samples of colored porcelain, and a 25lb block of Suzuki white porcelain. I'm reading that I can fire the Suzuki porcelain to cone 6, which is good because the glazes I'm looking at can also fire up to cone 6. Has anyone done test pieces with this clay? My items will be very small as I plan on adding them to other pieces and adding other things to them after firing, if that makes sense. I have no idea what I'm doing. I need guidance so I don't ruin things when they arrive. How do I care for my kiln? Will kiln paper work? Kiln wash? Can I dip pieces and just lay them on a shelf that's been kiln washed or will it stick? How long and how hot for bisque, and for the next firing? These are going to be smaller than what most people do for test pieces I'd imagine. Does anyone know what happens if you put a piece of copper in a divot of clay and then fire? Would I risk a piece exploding or ruining my kiln if I tried to add any metals on top of recesses on the surface of my pieces? I'd be grateful for any advice you could give. I have lots of creative ideas and ambition but don't want to ruin my new expensive toys as a result of experiments. Blessings, Azloen
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