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  1. Wow, definitely never heard of that before! When you say boil, do you use a regular pan? Will that make it unusable for food afterwards since you are boiling a toxic material? The copper carbonate I get here in Brazil from my supplier is a very dark green, not bright at all, so that might do the trick. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply! The thing is my jiffy mixer died 3 days ago unfortunately so I did have to hand-mix it, but I remember having that problem even when using power tools. I definitely think the talisman sieve would help (man it's dream come true to get my hands on one) but maybe the credit card through the sieve might just do the trick. Thanks!
  3. So, the way I do it is I weight the materials separately and then add it to the glaze bucket which already contains water! I'll try then to dry mixing some ingredients to prevent that problem. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, So this is my first post here, and I remember seeing one similar to it but I just couldn't find it unfortunately... The thing is, everytime I use copper carbonate as a component of a glaze, after I've mixed the slurry and when I'm about to sieve it, I end up getting some small green balls stuck in the sieve, even though the powder I use seems pretty fine. My first question is wether someone know why this happens and the second one is how to prevent it since those green balls should be in my glaze hehe. Thanks in advance!
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